Recidivism Series

Recidivism Series
Statement 2012

Themes occur and reoccur in most artistic creations, and I find myself falling prey to these exact scenarios. My most recent series of work, titled “Recidivism,” is an exploration into my past creative forays. I delve into past imagery, specifically a series of lithographs created years ago consisting of imaginary landscapes, in the style of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s The Little Prince. When originally created, they were meant to invoke feelings of solitude and exclusion.

Upon revisiting these prints, a more child-like aesthetic has emerged. Playing with whimsical imagery such as balloons, parachutes, windmills, and rainbows, and then depicting them in saccharine colors, a quaint juxtaposition between the monochromatic prints is formed. The once-solemn landscape is transformed, creating a parallel world with unparalleled emotions.

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